13th European Quarterly Kukai Spring 2016 Edition

211 entrants from 43 countries participated in 13th European Quarterly Kukai Spring 2016 Edition, on the theme “people”. No 13 saw the largest number of entrants in the global kukai.

Tash Adams from Perth, Australia won first place: this is the third time an Australian author has won (after Simon Hanson – 11th Kukai; and Beverley George – 8th Kukai) –

leaving him
one kilo
at a time

- Tash Adams – first place

mountain peak
the rising edge
of a muezzin's call

- Jayashree Maniyil – sixth place

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Please consider participating in the next quarterly kukai, while also enjoying these remaining entries from Australia below:

mother stitching
her daughter’s dress
war zone

- Lynette Arden

of all the men
I've ever known, my father
I knew the least

- Samar Ghose

two birthday candles
her face lit by firelight
and wonder

- Simon Hanson

late night Saturday
despite verbal abuse
the nurse carries on

- Barbara A. Taylor

exhaling vapours
of his smouldering pain -
early morning jogger

- Mark Miller

blood transfusion
my brother gives
a thumbs-up

- Cynthia Rowe

grandmother's photograph
younger than I
her lined wise face

- Madhuri Pillai

pansies and phlox—
a mother's love
decorates my teacloth

- Marietta McGregor