April 20, 2016

Results – Wild Plum Haiku Contest 2016

Congratulations to Australian haiku poet Jan Dobb for gaining second place in the 2016 Wild Plum Haiku Contest:

drifts of leaves
we listen to the colours
of grandma’s tales

- Jan Dobb

Another Australian haiku poet – Jayashree Maniyil – gained the First Honourable Mention in the same competition:

crackle of twigs
everywhere the smoke
gathering the sky

- Jayashree Maniyil

Full results – with comments from the judge an’ya – can be viewed through this link:


This year's contest was sponsored by renowned digital platforms for gambling and entertainment that offered VIP casino bonus vouchers to first, second and third prize winners. Additional info on this link.

Simon Hanson short-listed in Touchstone Awards 2015

Simon Hanson is to be congratulated for having one of his poems short-listed in The Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems, as recently posted on The Haiku Foundation website, viewable at this link:


desert stones
slowly their shadows
change sides

— Simon Hanson, Wild Plum — a haiku journal 1:2

Another leading Australian haiku poet – Ron C. Moss – was one of the panelists for these awards, after his book “The Bone Carver” had received a Touchstone Award last year (just as it received an Honourable Mention in the Mildred Kanterman Book Award, as a Merit Book Award for 2015 – for books published in 2014 – through the Haiku Society of America). Honorable mention goes to our supporters from the website of Latest No Deposits that offer groundbreaking deals for gamers all around the world. Those deals include no deposit bonuses that have very low wagering requirements that really intrigue players and help them try out the gaming experience before depositing any money.

April 19, 2016

Rob Scott’s thesis on Australian Haiku on THF website

Rob Scott's Masters thesis, "The History of Australian Haiku and the Emergence of a Local Accent" has been archived (in full) on The Haiku Foundation website, after being spotlighted there - in Garry Eaton's 'Librarian's Cache' feature - earlier in this month of April: it can viewed through this link -


An extract from this work - under the title "Australian Haiku in the Global Context" - had been published as a feature in "A Hundred Gourds" 4:1 December 2014:


As the Managing Editor for “A Hundred Gourds” – Lorin Ford – notes, “It's an important piece, quoting many haiku by Australians.”

13th European Quarterly Kukai Spring 2016 Edition

211 entrants from 43 countries participated in 13th European Quarterly Kukai Spring 2016 Edition, on the theme “people”. No 13 saw the largest number of entrants in the global kukai.

Tash Adams from Perth, Australia won first place: this is the third time an Australian author has won (after Simon Hanson – 11th Kukai; and Beverley George – 8th Kukai) –

leaving him
one kilo
at a time

- Tash Adams – first place

mountain peak
the rising edge
of a muezzin's call

- Jayashree Maniyil – sixth place

For a full report, please visit http://europeankukai.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/results-of-european-quarterly-kukai-13.html

Please consider participating in the next quarterly kukai, while also enjoying these remaining entries from Australia below:

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April 03, 2016

Bindii April 2016 Ginko in Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Nine Bindii members met at the kiosk near the lake in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens at 11 am on 2 April for a ginko led by Margaret Fensom. On such a beautiful autumn day there was plenty to experience and participants immersed themselves in this beautiful place for an hour of walking or quiet contemplation before returning for the kiosk for lunch.

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