Beverley George the latest Australian to be a Focus Poet in ‘Presence’

Recently Beverley George became the fourth Australian haiku poet to be honoured as a Focus Poet in the respected British haiku journal ‘Presence’ (issue #54, February, 2016).

Along with other poems of hers which have previously gained recognition elsewhere, the following new haiku by Beverley have just been featured in Focus Poet # 39 in ‘Presence’:

the haiku books
I thought I would read again
the ones I do

key in the lock our dog’s swift head count

Three other Australian haiku poets have likewise been honoured in the same way: Lorin Ford, Ron C Moss and Vanessa Proctor. Groups of both Australian and New Zealand haiku poets have also been featured in Focus pieces in ‘Presence’. (See below.)

Two previously unpublished haiku by Lorin Ford included in ‘Presence’ Focus Poet #37 (issue # 52, June, 2015) were:

contrails . . .
a faraway look
in the captive panther's eyes

housebound in a cowrie shell the rattle of dry sand

Two previously unpublished haiku by Ron C Moss included in ‘Presence’ Focus Poet # 35 (issue #49, were:

the high point
of our favourite song …
sun prisms

children’s voices
honey eaters flitter
over tannin water

Two haiku by Vanessa Proctor included in ‘Presence’ Focus Poet #7 (issue #23, 2004) were:

in the cat's mouth
the cicada
keeps on singing

('First Australian Haiku Anthology')

summer heat
a lorikeet sips nectar
from the flame tree

(Fourth Annual Jack Stamm Haiku Contest 2002, Commended)

The work of groups of haiku poets from both Australia and New Zealand has likewise been highlighted in ‘Presence’.

In the ‘Presence’ Focus on Australia #19 (issue #34, 2008) – compiled by Vanessa Proctor – the following poets had their work featured: Janice M Bostok, John Bird, Amelia Fielden, Beverley George, Jean Rasey and Quendryth Young.

In the ‘Presence’ Focus on New Zealand #20 (issue #35, 2008) – also compiled by Vanessa Proctor – the following poets had their work featured: Nola Borrell, Owen Bullock, Karen Peterson Butterworth, Cyril Childs, Patricia Prime and Andre Surridge.