Yuki Teikei Haiku Society – 2016 Tokutomi Memorial Contest

Following her recent trip to the HNA 2015 Conference in the United States, Australian haiku poet Marietta McGregor has offered the following extra information:

“The long-established California-based Yuki Teikei Haiku Society has announced its 2016 Tokutomi Memorial Contest, which commemorates Kiyoshi and Kyoko Tokutomi, a Japanese immigrant couple who "wanted to teach their American friends the joy of the haiku life".

The Society follows the strict classical traditional usage of 5-7-5 and a kigo.

A list of kigo is provided for the contest.

Their season word list on the site is interesting, although it's primarily written for a North American audience.

At HNA 2015, Patrick Gallagher from the Society spoke about the long traditions of Yuki Teikei from its beginnings 40 years ago.”

More detailed information about entering this contest can be gained through accessing the following link:

P.S. Marietta herself gained an Honourable Mention in the Tokutomi Memorial Contest in 2015.