Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems

The Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems are bestowed annually on haiku and senryu that represent noteworthy additions to English-language haiku in the estimation of a distinguished panel of haiku poets, editors and scholars.

The Awards are open to any English-language haiku or senryu published in the current calendar year.

Any individual who had at least one haiku or senryu published during the award year may nominate two haiku or senryu, one of which may be his or her own.

Free of cost, submissions are due by Dec 31 – an entry form must be used.

Such a form, plus further details, can be accessed through the Touchstone website via this link:

In the upcoming set of awards, the Australian haiku poet, artist and photographer Ron C. Moss – recently a winner of the Touchstone Distinguished Book Award for his haiku collection “The Bone Carver” – will act as a member of the judging panel for the Touchstone Awards for Individual Poems.