Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2015

Format: To enter the Martin Lucas Haiku Award 2015, submit all haiku on one sheet of paper, with your name and address included, and also a second copy of the same sheet without your name and address.

No record cards, and no multiple sheets (but no limit on the number of haiku on the single sheet).

All entries to be original, unpublished, not under consideration elsewhere.

Deadline (in hand): 31 December 2015

Send to:

Chris Boultwood, 6 King Street, Chester CH1 2AH, England, UK

or email Haiku Presence.

Entry fee: £5 for up to 5 haiku. Additional haiku at £1 per haiku.

Fee paid by: £ cheque to “Presence Magazine”, or PayPal (see link to website below).

Fees may be paid in $ or € cash at the entrant’s own risk at the rates of $8 / €5 for up to 5 haiku and $2 / €2 per additional haiku.

Overseas entrants are encouraged to pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal: access the following link for more details –

£100 1st prize
£50 second prize
2x £25 third prizes

The prize may be paid by £ cheque: bank negotiation or currency exchange charges to be paid by the prize winner not Presence magazine.

Publication of winning and commended poems in Presence 54.
Judge: Matt Morden.

Judge: Matt Morden