Call for submissions: Haiku and Tanka anthology – Poems to Wear

Australian editor Amelia Fielden will collaborate with Japanese poet Noriko Tanaka and Australia/ Japan poet Saeko Ogi, to compile a new bi-lingual anthology of haiku and tanka – on the theme of things one wears – to be published in 2016.

Submissions are welcome from Australians writing poems “to wear”, using Japanese-based short-forms, towards the Australian half of this joint book.

Submissions should be emailed to Amelia Fielden at, following these guidelines:

Deadline: 30 November, 2015

Types of submissions acceptable: up to 6 haiku; or up to 6 tanka; or a mixture of the two, with no more than 6 pieces in total (but no sequences, haibun or tanka prose, please).

Theme: haiku and/ or tanka about things that people wear, including garments, footwear and accessories – hats, gloves, belts, jewellery, ribbons, make-up, umbrellas, etc.

New and previously published pieces are both acceptable, but poems that have already appeared elsewhere must be accompanied by citations giving full publication details.

Maximum number of pieces to be published per poet: two (2) poems (i.e. 2 haiku, or 2 tanka, or 1 haiku and 1 tanka).

Process already under way: Noriko Tanaka has gathered together a large number of Japanese poems on this overall subject, which Amelia Fielden and Saeko Ogi are currently in the process of translating.

(The three have collaborated previously on the collection “Music of the Heart”, which likewise presents work bilingually from both Australian and Japanese poets.)

Having already edited three other themed anthologies in her own right – “Food For Thought”, “The Melody Lingers On” and “All You Need Is Love” (all of them most successful) – Amelia is looking forward to receiving interesting submissions towards “Poems to Wear”!