Results – 7th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

Professor Oba has announced that the results of the 7th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest are now available on the Museum’s website.

You can access them from this link:

21 Australians entered this competition.

Beverley George

Work from Selected Participants can be seen in Division 4: Non-Japanese, pages 39-52, on the Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum’s website, including the following haiku by Australian poets: these pieces are reproduced below, in the order in which they were posted –

Bitter mountain winter moon shine
Below the Celestial Stage
Reflects very darkly
Peach-red – a fiery peony

Sweet mountain spring sunshine
Below the Celestial Stage
Reflects darkly
Deepest blue – cold lover

– John Andrew Black

silver gulls gathered
in a pink glow

al fresco –
carafes of water
filled with light

– Simon Hanson

silhouette wings
peppers the sickle
patches on the moon

almost heard
after spring rains
the slip of a snail

– Marilyn Humbert

baby’s wide eyes
first look
at the moon

on your lips
my thirst quenched

– Catherine Smith

a sudden turn
of the whole shoal
news flash

sinking sun
a fisherman reels in
the ocean

– Quendryth Young

Snow covers all
Until Spring reveals
The lies beneath

– Ann Montclair

under arrest
the insurgent poet
contemplates the sickle moon

how perfect
the walnut kernel
granny’s wrinkled face

– Athena Zaknic

Flowers bloom in spring.
Droplets on scratched window panes
Time passes us by.

There is a beauty
In the depths of the ocean
Where no one can see

– Xander Salathé

a spring crocus
in the snow …
unexpected love

how far
the wind has come –
lighthouse flag

– Greg Piko

thumping, thumping
the old hen’s heartbeats
close to mine

pulsing moon
phosphorescent fungi
edge the pathway

– Barbara A. Taylor

Dark ink stains my brush
the first marks on paper;
speaking to me.

Dancing through the trees
the glow from paper lanterns;
no need for moonlight.

– Jean Smullen

in a pool of shadow
the old man stands
waiting for the lights to change

I sense his presence
eyes hidden
behind fresh green willows

– Marilyn Linn

mislaid marker
his casket laden
with river stones

rainforest floor
the ant mound spills
onto lichened rock

– Cynthia Rowe

all its nuances
on one leaf

old canes and young bamboo
in the ripples

– Beatrice Yell

swollen moon
a platypus swims
belly to the stars

last night
I dreamt of my death …
morning stars

– Ron C. Moss

city where I know
-- familiar faces

In the old house
stripped to the timbers
-- breathing

– Duncan Richardson

as if
the road will never end
hikers’ laughter

cupping his mug
hands of the old fisher
sequined with light

– Mark Miller

so flat, snake,
swallowing sunshine –
autumn wind

milk sun
whispering me chestnut dreams
leaf after leaf

– Carole Harrison

haiku notebook found –
sketches by his grandson
liven every page

portrait artist
tells no lies about my age …
frees the child inside

– Beverley George

late bird –
in darkness

last star
by light

– John Carroll

cloudless sunset
apricot dissolves to blue
slit by a sharp moon

ironing heirlooms
wrinkles persist in the cloth
like grandmother’s skin

– Julia Wakefield