Success in Genjuan Haibun Contest 2015

Congratulations to Australian haiku poet Barbara A. Taylor for winning one of four prizes in the Genjuan Haibun Contest 2015 (Japan's only international haibun competition).

The Grand Prix was taken out by Sonam Chhoki (from Bhutan) for a piece entitled “Mining Memories”.

Barbara A. Taylor’s haibun “Cattle Dreaming” claimed one of three Cottage Prizes (along with Doris Lynch, USA, for “Inupiat Lessons”; and Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, India/UK, for “A Cycle Ride”).

Competition organiser and co-judge Stephen Gill advises that the four prize-winning pieces – as well as guidelines for next year's contest – will be made available on the Hailstone Icebox site in due course:

This year 106 entries were received from 14 countries for the Genjuan Haibun Contest.

New Zealand poet Barbara Strang gained one of five Honourable Mentions, along with Americans Carol Pearce-Worthington, Earl R. Keener, Margaret Chula and Dru Philippou.

Working alongside Stephen Gill were fellow judges Nenten Tsubouchi and Hisashi Miyazaki.