Cloudcatchers’ Ginko #37

Cloudcatchers’ Autumn Ginko 2015

The wild, wild weather at the end of April caused the postponement of our autumn ginko. However, two weeks later, on 14 May, atmospheric conditions were superb as we explored a new venue. Thursday Plantation (a tea tree plantation) is situated on the outskirts of Ballina and features the plantation itself, a maze and a rainforest remnant. We had been warned of an abundance of mosquitos, but a slight chill in the air kept them at bay, and the notices Beware of Snakes did not concern us.

Over the years the Plantation has acquired sculptured works of art, and the strange juxtapositioning of them with ancient forest giants led to many haiku of quite a different flavour. For various reasons only six poets attended, but this left some time for workshopping as well as readings. Lunch was enjoyed together in the Visitors Centre, where most of us also explored the range of tea tree products for sale, including the necessary mosquito repellent! A subsequent email Round Robin has just been completed.

Quendryth Young