Arabic translation of tanka

Eight tanka by Australian poet Beverley George, translated into Arabic by Ali Znaidi, have been published in the electronic Arabic cultural newspaper, "Qaba Qaosayn", accessible through this link:

Ali Znaidi’s note to Beverley George reads as follows:

“Thank you very much for giving me permission to translate your beautiful tanka poems into Arabic. The translated tanka poems were published on April 22, 2015, in a respectable electronic cultural newspaper based in Jordan. It is called in Arabic “Qaba Qaosayn”. (The name of the newspaper in English is "At Two Bows’ Length".) It published translations of poems by such famous names like Maya Angelou, Helene Cardona, Nathalie Handal, Catfish McDaris and others.”

All eight of Beverley's tanka to have been translated also appear in their English-language form, with their points of original publication acknowledged.

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