Report on Bindii Meeting 6 December 2014

Eight Bindii members met at the Box Factory for our last meeting for 2014. Members shared haiku, haibun and tanka on a seasonal theme, which they had brought. Some were by favourite writers and some had been composed by members. Members also presented work for general feedback.
There was general discussion of our plans for the group in 2015.

Meetings will continue to be held at the Box Factory on the first Saturday of every second month, except in April, where the second Saturday has been booked because of Easter.

2015 Meeting dates: February 7, April 11, June 6, August 1, October 3, December 5.
2015 Meeting times: The meeting time will change to 12:00 – 14:00. This will suit some members better and we can bring lunch at this time. Some members may wish to continue at a café after the official meeting has ended.

NEW TREASURER: Money held by the group is being transferred to Lee Bentley from Alex Ask, as Lee will now be acting as our Treasurer instead of Alex. Many thanks to Alex for managing our finances until this time.

Haiku Bindii Journal: Lee Bentley, as editor, is finalizing her selection of work from submissions by members and then Lee and Lyn Arden will work on the final design and compilation and Lyn will design and set up the book for printing. Sixteen members have submitted work. Members will be notified individually once the final selections are complete.
Book Launch: Currently we are planning to launch in April and it was decided that a weekend afternoon time was preferred. Dates yet to be finalized and will depend on availability of rooms in The Box Factory.

Haiku Competition for Langhorne Creek Literary Festival. Lyn Arden and Lee Bentley have both made personal commitments of $100 each for prizes for this competition in 2015, which is for SA School Students. The Festival Organizers have recommended that there be two divisions, one for junior and one for senior school years. The Festival Organization will carry out all organization and publicity for the competition. Lee and Lyn will provide competition guidelines and some instructional material on haiku for distribution to schools. Lee and Lyn will be the judges of the winning entries. We hope that this competition will add to the profile of haiku and the knowledge of how to write in this genre of poetry.

At the end of the meeting, members adjourned to Cibo Café in Hutt St for an end of the year celebration.

Report by Lyn Arden 6 December 2014