Cloudcatchers’ Ginko No.34

The thirty-fourth ginko of the Cloudcatchers was held on Thursday 31 July 2014 at the site where it all began in December 2005; Torakina Park at Brunswick Heads. It was the mid-winter ginko, but a strange weather pattern had us absorbing the ambience of this beachside location in gloriously warming winter sunshine.

The beach was dotted with dads and toddlers, who featured strongly in many haiku. John Bird noted one of the little ones wading off in the direction of New Zealand. There were ample bush turkeys to challenge little boys, and in spite of excited young voices there was the usual abundance of birdsong in the surrounding tuckeroos and banksias. Recently published haiku were shared before the silence, which was followed by the round-table reading and workshopping of first drafts. Ten Cloudcatchers participated, and we continued the camaraderie at The Bruns (hotel) over lunch together. The Winter Round Robin is currently under way.

Quendryth Young