Red Dragonflies winter meeting 2014

The Red Dragonflies, with the inclusion of guest, Bill Tibben, held their winter meeting on Saturday 19th July at Vanessa Proctor’s home. With the smells of freshly baked bread and buttermilk cake with passionfruit icing wafting about us, we workshopped our pre-set exercises which had presented the usual challenge, i.e. to compose original haiku on topics including a night in the country, a winter plant, and International Friendship Day.

To everyone’s credit, there wasn’t one haiku written about the clarity of the stars. After we’d ‘broken bread’ and eaten Vanessa’s delicious cake, we workshopped our anonymous haiku drawn from the central ‘bowl’ which, this time, was a hollowed-out elephant, also harbouring chocolates. This is always a most enjoyable and entertaining exercise, as well as a highly amusing one, when guesses as to authorship sometimes veer surprisingly off the mark. As always, three hours exceptionally well-spent. Thank you, Vanessa, and thank you fellow dragonflies.

with you all days are Friendship Days –
we still can get the giggles drinking coffee…

Lesley Walter