New anthology from Snapshot Press

Announcing the publication of Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku.

This anthology, which has been five years in the making, is a landmark work in English-language haiku, with unprecedented scope and focus. Edited by Allan Burns, Where the River Goes details and celebrates the evolution of the nature tradition of haiku over an active period of fifty years. Featuring more than nine hundred haiku, the anthology highlights and explores the work of forty essential “voices,” from pioneers such as James W. Hackett, Robert Spiess, and John Wills to major contemporary haiku poets who regularly write in a naturalistic mode.

The book is available now in a beautiful, 479 pp., hardback first edition.

Advance praise would suggest that the anthology will have very considerable appeal both within and beyond the haiku community. Tom Lynch hails it as an “outstanding volume”, and Jeremy Mynott, the former head of Cambridge University Press, describes it as both “richly varied” and “ground-breaking”. As well as being essential reading for anyone seriously interested in English-language haiku of any persuasion, the anthology makes an ideal seasonal gift for any haiku, poetry, or nature lover. As Ted Floyd, editor of Birding Magazine, has noted, “Anybody interested in nature and in nature writing will delight in this anthology.”

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John Barlow
Publisher, Snapshot Press