Red Dragonflies spring meeting

The Red Dragonflies held their spring meeting on Saturday 31st August ― a very summery last day of winter! ― so we seem to have rolled three seasons into one on this particular occasion.

Cynthia Rowe’s home in Woollahra provided the venue, and Cynthia was the very generous (as usual) host. Apart from members each bringing along a favourite spring haiku, the pre-set exercises were not, in fact, spring-related. Instead, members had been set quite a challenge: to compose haiku on the topics of seats or chairs, a family heirloom, and lastly, fossils! Indeed, ‘fossils’ presented a particular challenge, yet none of us succumbed to writing of our partners in those terms… In short, members succeeded in avoiding cliches, and most of our ‘offerings’ received unanimous ticks of approval from the group.

Lesley Walter