Perth Workshop: Haiku – Sensing the image

Maureen Sexton will hold a free workshop in Perth on 2 September: Haiku - Sensing the image. The short, long and short of it!

In this workshop, we will examine the 'what is' and 'how to' of haiku.

“Haiku is best without your interpretation, the judgement of your EGO, just your plain statement of what IS the essence of your observation (if you are really able to capture that!)” ~ Gabi Greve

Just as when you take a photo, the photo is objective and subjective at the same time, so it is with haiku. The photo is an image of an object, but it is also how we saw it. We, as the photographer, choose the subject of the photo. We are presenting an image based on senses, and how we sense it.

"Show, don't tell," is the haiku way.

This is a FREE event. Spaces are limited and bookings are essential.
Monday 2nd September 2013
1 pm to 3 pm
Meeting Room, City of Perth Library, Level One, 140 William St, Perth
Contact: Anna Teasdale, 9461 3500,