Cloudcatchers’ Ginko No.26 (Winter 2012)

Torakina Park, Brunswick Heads, NSW.

Thursday August 9th 2012

Ten of us gathered at Torakina Park, one of our favourite meeting places. Sadly Quendryth, who organises and has always introduced these events, was unable to be with us due to illness in her family. She was greatly missed.

We greeted old friends and newer members, chatting in the familiar environment before dispersing with our notebooks into the park.

This winter day started out overcast, but soon the sky cleared to mackerel cloud and glimpses of sun, and it was delightful to walk through the mild and windless air, observing signs of the coming spring in wattle and tea tree blossom, and the sound of bees in the banksias. Two plovers were fiercely guarding their three tiny chicks, and a buff banded rail came almost to our feet, scavenging for crumbs.

After some intense concentration around the picnic table, first-draft haiku were read out by everyone in turn, after which we walked across the river, over the old timber bridge which had featured in several haiku, to the Brunswick pub for lunch.

A spring ginko is tentatively planned for Thursday 8th November at Southern Cross Park, Ballina. Contact: