Sharon Dean Chancellor’s Medal


I feel sure you will all join with me in saluting one of our founding members, Sharon Dean. Sharon has been informed that she is a recipient of the Chancellor's Medal (Griffith University) for excellence in the Doctor of Philosophy, for 'recognition of your exceptional performance in your research higher degree placing you as one of the highest achieving PhD graduates and the Arts, Education and Law's top ranked candidate for 2011.' The graduation ceremony will be in July/August.

Sharon's thesis was entitled: “White Heron: The Authorised Biography of Australia's Pioneering Haiku Writer Janice M Bostok”.

You will recall that Janice, who died last year, was the Patron of Cloudcatchers, and attended all our gatherings when she felt well enough to do so.

The Chancellor has written to Dr Dean, stating that, 'The Board of Graduate Research has noted with great pleasure your outstanding contribution and the significance of your work in your field of research, not to mention the standard of excellence demonstrated in your research practice.'

Congratulations, Sharon. Cloudcatchers are so proud of you, and grateful for your contributions to the group with your perspicacious haiku, and your ever-buoyant friendship.

Quendryth Young
Cloudcatchers Coordinator