Haibun Today (June 2012) is now online.

The summer quarterly issue of Haibun Today is now online for your reading pleasure at

Writers are now invited to submit haibun, tanka prose and articles for consideration in the September 2012 issue of Haibun Today. Consult our Submission Guidelines at Haibun Today.

Contributors to this summer issue include Stephen Addiss, Melissa Allen, Johnny Baranski, Roberta Beary, Margaret Beverland, Colin Blundell, Steven Carter, Marcyn Clements, Glenn G. Coats, Jerry Dreesen, Claire Everett, Ignatius Fay, Amelia Fielden, William Guthrie, Autumn N. Hall, Paul Hodder, Cara Holman, Ruth Holzer, Elizabeth Howard, Leslie Idhe, Gerry Jacobson, Ryan Jessup, Ken Jones, Roger D. Jones, Colette Jonopulos, Jim Kacian, M. Kei, Richard Krawiec, Gary LeBel, Chen-ou Liu, Bob Lucky, Mike Montreuil, Satoko Murate, Marian Olson, Carol Pearce-Worthington, Stanley Pelter, Dru Philippou, Patricia Prime, Kala Ramesh, Ray Rasmussen, Jane Reichhold, Werner Reichhold, Bruce Ross, Ian Storr, Charles D. Tarlton, Julie Thorndyke, Zinovy Vayman, Max Verhart, Diana Webb, Neal Whitman and Brian Zimmer.

This issue also features the colloquium “Editing Haibun and Tanka Prose,” a critical discussion by 18 contemporary editors. Stanley Pelter and Diana Webb offer personal commentaries upon their own haibun and Patricia Prime reviews Jane Whittle’s new collection, Footprints.