The Bindii group met at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide from 10.30 am to 1 pm on a very pleasant autumn morning. Minutes of the meeting are provided below.

Present: Lyn Arden, Lesley Charlesworth, Antoinette Wade, Lyn Williams, Lee Bentley, Alex Ask.

Apologies: Maeve Archibald, Dawn Colsey, Jill Gower, Belinda Broughton, Margaret Fensom, Margaret Rawlinson.

As we had two new people attending, everyone present was invited to give a short self introduction.

Haiku Bindii Vol. 1 Journeys 2011 copies are available for sale through our Treasurer, Alex Ask. Julia Wakefield is placing books in various shops and planning some other publicity. Alex Ask offered to try to place some copies in the Book tent at Writers Week.

Challenges: Autumn was suggested. Further suggestions are welcome by email.

Work from members has been requested for the 9 May reading in Mary Martins Norwood by the Kensington & Norwood writers group. A haibun renga is being written by several Bindii members for the event. If anyone would like a submission form they should email Lyn.

General Program of meeting: Members read out several favourite haiku and tanka (not their own work) and wrote them on the whiteboard. There was discussion of what made these examples special and how they worked. Judging from the number of examples brought by members and the discussion, this seems to be a very worthwhile exercise.
This was followed by a session where members wrote their own haiku and tanka on the whiteboard and received comments and suggestions from others in the group. Once again a popular activity.

Next meeting 7 April: This meeting falls on Easter Saturday, so we won’t be meeting at the Box Factory. Margaret Rawlinson and Belinda Broughton will organize a ginko in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens with alternate wet weather plans. More specific details will be forwarded to members by email.

5 May Meeting: Alexander Ask will conduct a discussion on haiga. Members are requested to bring some examples if possible.
The meeting concluded at 1 pm.

Lyn Arden