Haibun Today (March 2012) is now online.

The spring quarterly issue of Haibun Today is now online for your reading pleasure at

Writers are now invited to submit haibun, tanka prose and articles for consideration in the June 2012 issue of Haibun Today. Consult our Submission Guidelines at Haibun Today.

http://haibuntoday.comContributors to this March 2012 issue include Francis W. Alexander, Melissa Allen, Belinda Broughton, Bouwe Brouwer, Helen Buckingham, Owen Bullock, Ashley Capes, Matthew Caretti, Steven Carter, Sally Clarke, Marcyn Del Clements, Glenn G. Coats, Susan Constable, Anne Curran, Tish Davis, Margaret Dornaus, Lynn Edge, Claire Everett, Ignatius Fay, Autumn Noelle Hall, Jeffrey Harpeng, Penny Harter, Marilyn Hazelton, Melinda Hipple, Gerry Jacobson, Dorrie Johnson, Gary LeBel, Chen-ou Liu, Bob Lucky, Ed Markowski, Carol Pearce-Worthington, Dru Philippou, Patricia Prime, Kala Ramesh, Ray Rasmussen, Cynthia Rowe, Adelaide B. Shaw, Charles Tarlton, Kay Tracy, Diana Webb, Harriot West, Neal Whitman and Brian Zimmer.

This issue also features an in-depth critical essay by Chen-ou Liu, “Make Haibun New through the Chinese Poetic Past: Basho’s Transformation of Haikai Prose.” Other articles include “Close Readings” or critical commentaries—Jeffrey Harpeng on Dru Philippou and Cynthia Rowe on Owen Bullock.