Cloudcatcher Tribute

Cloudcatchers’ Tribute to Janice Bostok

Each one of us is saddened to learn of the passing of Janice Bostok at
Murwillumbah District Hospital yesterday. Janice, Patron of the
Australian Haiku Society, was the first Australian poet to explore the
haiku genre, over thirty years ago, and since then she has pioneered
this and other Japanese short forms, interpreted with an Australian

When Cloudcatchers first gathered together on 2 December 2005, Janice
was there, and became our unofficial Patron. She loved being involved
in our ginko, and her interest in Cloudcatchers persisted, even when
ill-health prohibited her joining us in later years. She was happy to
comment on our early attempts to master the writing of haiku, and
pleased to hear of any successes that any Cloudcatcher achieved. I
know it comforted her to receive messages from us in these last few
uncomfortable months.

Vale Janice Bostok. We acknowledge the contribution you have made to
our group, and appreciate the guidance and championing of each one, as
we took our tentative steps down the fascinating path of the haiku

the release
of fluttering moths
evening star

Quendryth Young
Cloudcatcher Coordinator