Report on meeting of Bindii group: 2 JULY 2011

Workshopping of members’ work: Each member shared Renku and haiku and also requested suggestions and improvements from other members.

Present: Lyn Arden, Margaret Fensom, Lee Bentley, Lesley Charlesworth, Judith Ahmed and Judith’s daughter.

Apologies: Dawn Colsey, Jill Gower, Helen Pryor, Marilyn Linn, Alex Ask, Maeve Archibald, Athena Zaknic, Margaret Rawlinson, Julia Wakefield, Belinda Broughton,

Anthology: Final date for submission is Saturday 6 August. Both published and unpublished work will be considered. Please include any details of prior publication. We are looking for any Japanese genre poetry including haibun, haiku, tanka, tan renga, senryu, Renku, sequences of haiku and tanka and visual work incorporating haiku and tanka.

Accompanying visual work to complement a haiku or tanka sequence or a haibun would also be welcome, but not necessary. All images except cover images must be suitable for black and white (grayscale) printing. Please submit images in JPEG of 300 resolution for printing.
Submit by email to Please submit in a Word Document format if possible. We are keen to publish a variety of work. The anthology may be 60 A4 pages long if we have enough quality material.

Some people may wish to collaborate in written and visual material e.g. for a haiga. The authors will then be credited separately.

Homework topics have been set to stimulate work: 2 themes (winter, emptiness)
6 August: Part of the meeting will be a kukai. Please bring three of your own haiku. For those who haven’t participated in a kukai, the idea is to make the haiku anonymous by copying and then each member selects his/her favourite three to read out.

Activities for the other part of the meeting might include a walk outside for a short while (weather permitting) to write and make notes and also workshopping at members’ request of other haiku/tanka/Renku etc.

Minutes taken by Lyn Arden 2 July 2011
Contact Bindii: Visitors interested in haiku and other Japanese poetry genres are welcome at our meetings.
Meetings are held in The Box Factory, 59 Regent St South, Adelaide. From 10.30 am to 1pm.