Report of 4 June 2011 Bindii meeting

Renku Workshop: Lyn Arden gave a workshop on writing Renku. History and principles were outlined and then we divided into two groups to write shisan Renku. The shisan Renku started in this session will be continued by email and presented for feedback at the July meeting.

Present: Alex Ask, Maeve Archibald, Athena Zaknic, Lyn Arden, Margaret Rawlinson, Julia Wakefield, Lee Bentley.
Apologies: Margaret Fensom, Dawn Colsey, Jill Gower, Helen Pryor, Belinda Broughton, Veronica Shanks, Rachael Mead, Marilyn Linn. Pam Brow has resigned from the group due to other commitments.

General Business:
Anthology: Final date for submission is Sat 6 August. Both published and unpublished work will be considered. We are looking for any Japanese genre poetry including haibun, haiku, tanka, tan renga, senryu, Renku, sequences of haiku and tanka and visual work incorporating haiku and tanka.
Some people may wish to collaborate in written and visual material e.g. for a haiga. The authors will then be credited separately.
Finance for the Anthology: Alex Ask proposed that members be charged the full regular purchase price for the anthology and then it was up to them whether they sold copies or gave them away. He also suggested that members should be asked for a joining fee of the price of one copy of the anthology. Members would then receive one copy free. The consensus of the meeting seemed to favour this idea.

Forthcoming Meetings:
July meeting: Renku from the June meeting will be discussed. This is also a chance to workshop any other work you are considering submitting for the anthology. The more experienced writers in each form will be happy to give feedback and suggestions.

Lyn Arden
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