What could be added to the report (see below) written by our scribe,
Gerry Jacobson, for the first meeting of Canberra Tanka Group? All
that needs to be said is that were are deciding between 'Limestone
Poets' or 'Limestone' for the name of our group, and will definitely
know by the next meeting.

Our meeting got off to a fine start in the way in which we will
continue with a hands-on creative writing segment, 'The Value of
Verbs'. Gerry's tanka, included in his report, is an example of the
level of writing this workshop produced.

If any of our tanka friends, walking the same tanka path, are in
Canberra, they are welcome to join us. For more information contact
Kathy Kituai, the group leader, on 02 6247 8124.

And now for Gerry's report:

Cedars Scribble

I look around the room and see seven other scribblers, the tanka poets
of the Limestone Plains. Empty cups wait patiently on the table. We
must finish our inaugural meeting before we’re allowed afternoon tea.

Inaugurating the inaugural, Kathy invites us to share good and bad things
that happened to us in the past week. Then to list things we see in
the room, list occupations, and match these lists to form sentences
that might become poetry. We share some postmodern fragments.

straggly cedars
scribble through the window ...
their tops
have been edited
by the sulphur crested cockatoo

Brain affected, we agree to:
. a program outline for the year, meetings generally 4th Sunday of
month, 2pm at ACT Writers Centre;
. we hope to be a support group with ideas and inspiration;
. we’re keen on information sharing, perhaps with a list of books
available to be lent by individuals;
. Amelia outlined a Japanese style workshop proposed for 22 May;
. Kathy has plans for an Introduction to Tanka and interested friends
should contact her;
. support Kathy's and Amelia's book launch 29 May;
. Basho pilgrimage late October has two vacancies and interested
should contact Beverley George as soon as possible.

At last emerging from my chair, I realise that Barbara’s apple crumble is
also waiting patiently. With cream! Coffee counters the sultry
afternoon. Conversation. The chocolate biscuits are slightly molten
... mmm!

Tanka Poets of the Limestone Plains: Kathy K, Amelia F, Saiko O,
Michael T, Barbara C, John vdG, June F, Gerry J

We missed Tessa W, Kate K

Next meeting: Sunday 27 March, 2 pm, ACT Writers Centre, Gorman House