Ginko Review, Saturday 20th November 2010

by Gary De Piazzi

Last Saturday I was joined by Rose Van Son, Meryl Manoy and Liz Nicholls for a Mari Warabiny Haiku Group ginko in Supreme Court Gardens. Perth is blessed to have had city planners with the foresight to include botanical gardens as part of the cityscape. Supreme Court Gardens, despite humble beginnings as a paddock, holds many secrets that reveal themselves to those with eyes to see and minds to capture:

dead birds
strelitzia blooms decay
white dove

silent sundial marks time
bells peal

sea breeze
stirs limp flags
gulls fly

palm grove
city skyline

foliage stirs
refreshing breeze
tempers heat

Meryl Manoy

garlic flowers
between striped leaves
lush weeds

coloured flags
bike race
the wind picks up

city explorer
her turn to ring the bells

Rose van Son (c) 2010

above the trees
bank buildings rise

cars flash
past gaps in the trees
bells toll

red post pointing north
sundial under cloudy sky
people walk aimless

squatting on the grass
boats on the river


garlic plants
in neat rows
stir- fry for dinner

vibrant red
blossoms on thorned stems
witches hats

under cloudy skies
a broken sundial

on long stems
white flowers wilt -
first summer heat

Liz Nicholls