BINDII MEETING 4 December 2010

Present: Pam Brow, Marilyn Linn, Maeve Archibald, Alex Ask, Robin Sinclair, Veronica Shanks, Athena Zaknic, Lynette Arden, Margaret Rawlinson, Margaret Fensom.

Apologies: Sally Hunter, Lesley Charlesworth.

General Business:
Alex Ask has agreed to be our Treasurer and Alex and Maeve Archibald will also hold a bulk list of members’ email addresses to aid effective communication in the group. Margaret Fensom has also been sent a list of the email addresses. Thank you to these people.

Donation to Box Factory facilities: $40 was collected from members present as a voluntary contribution and Maeve Archibald will buy something needed by the Box Factory Community.

Box Factory Market and Readings Sat 12 December 2010: Members of Bindii will be involved in the performance of poetry from 12.30 to 1 pm.

January: no meeting.
February: Lynette Arden will present a tanka workshop.
5 March Meeting, 19 March and 2 April meeting: Maeve Archibald has prepared a workshop on writing haibun. Members will need to register to attend. Owing to space and other constraints, 12 will be the maximum number of participants.

A Renku, Last Summer’s Bushfire written by Lynette Arden, Marilyn Linn and Alex Ask has been accepted for publication in a new international Renku Journal. The authors read the Renku to the group.

We then held a 20 minute ginko to compose haiku. The weather, at a forecast of 36 degrees, was ideal for our subject of summer haiku.

For the remainder of the meeting we selected and arranged haiku from the ginko and other haiku brought by members to compose a sequence on a summer theme. Maeve Archibald will send the resulting sequence to those participating for any further comments.
The meeting concluded with those members able to stay joining in the lunch provided by the Box Factory Community.

Lynette Arden 4 December 2010