Vale Nicholas Barwell

We have received the following notifications from Vanessa Proctor and Maureen Sexton of Nicholas Barwell's death. Each gives significant and slightly different information about Nicholas Barwell, his long life and valuable work, so we are publishing them both.
We extend to all his family and friends our deepest sympathy.

The haiku poet and enthusiast Nicholas Barwell passed away in hospital in Perth on the evening of Friday 1st October aged 91. Nicholas was born in Hereford, England, but spent the majority of his life in Perth. He described himself as ‘a retired ancient mariner’, his sense of humour ever present. He was passionate about poetry, cooking and jazz amongst many other things. Through his varied interests he became a dear friend to many and he loved to telephone his haiku friends near and far to talk poetry.
Nicholas was a kind and gentle man who touched the lives of many. In his own quiet way, he greatly furthered the cause of haiku, especially in Western Australia. It was hard not to be caught up in his enthusiasm and in Nicholas’ spirit we hope to continue his passion for haiku.

quiet snip of scissors
in the barber shop

Nicholas Barwell

~~~Vanessa Proctor

Nicholas Barwell was a generous, insightful man, with immense love for people and nature.

He was also a very widely published haiku writer in such places as the US, the UK, all over Australia and even in Siberia.

winter's wind
along the beach
the seagulls cry

Nicholas Barwell

He has been published in Heron’s Nest, Presence, Paper Wasp, Famous Reporter, Creatrix, Stylus, just to name a few. In WA, Nicholas helped found the Creatrix Journal Haiku Section, the Mari Warabiny Haiku Group, and encouraged and assisted many WA writers to further their skills in haiku writing. On Perth radio stations, he was known as the Haiku King.

His great enthusiasm for poetry, haiku, philosophy, spirituality, cooking (especially stir fries), gardening, music, jazz piano, backgammon, books (especially Allan Watts), calligraphy and art was infectious. He brightened the lives of many with his laughter, and the sharing of his life knowledge, haiku and his positive outlook.

widening circles
a berry drops
in silent waters

Nicholas Barwell

This sharing was done by phone and I’m sure many were thrilled by his phone calls and will miss his voice and laughter. He also shared his love for his wife Muriel, his children, grandchildren and his dog, Sam.

He will be sadly missed by all those who came into contact with him, but will remain in our hearts.

planting potatoes
turning the soil
I turn the world

Nicholas Barwell

~~~ Maureen Sexton