Memorial haiku page for Nicholas Barwell

Jan Bostok has suggested that we invite friends and admirers of Nicholas to send a haiku to Haiku Oz in memory of him. We would like to invite all who wish to contribute to this tribute page to please do so. Please forward haiku to

the surge of the sea
cradles his soul

Jan Bostok

visiting an old friend
as he reads his poems

Vanessa Proctor

always a friend
spirits him away

Robert Henry Poulin
Sebastian, Florida

the black swan settles
on the river

Cynthia Rowe

on the wind
a voice
I never heard

Jo McInerney

half heard
as the wave retreats ~
jazz band

Lynette Arden

lifting mist -
sunrise burns off
a dream

brett brady

a monsoon eve -
the last stray cloud
leaves the valley

Sunil Uniyal, New Delhi

spring song
hushed ~
your voice sings on

Dawn Colsey

poetry reading...
the words of the dead poet
so full of life

Nuri Rosegg

A selection of Nicholas Barwell's haiku can be found at;=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eriverguardians%2Ecom%2FLists%2FRiver%2520Tales%2FAllItems%2Easpx