Members Present: Lynette Arden, Marilyn Linn, Maeve Archibald, Margaret Fensom, Belinda Broughton, Athena Zaknic. Visitors: Jeff, Irvine.

The ginko began at 11.00 am. Then the group split up so people could take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery to walk around the gardens taking notes and pictures or perch in a favoured spot on a rock or carved bench.

Some of the trees were in blossom and others beginning to show a hint of green. Ducks perched on rocks in the centre of the lake and the sound of water rushing, trickling or dropping could be heard from many vantage points. Dragonflies swung back and forth over the waterlilies in the central lake and the occasional bird (noisy miners and swallows) darted from tree to tree through the sunshine and shade and swooped over the lake. Waterlilies were beginning to flower and arum lilies were in full bloom.

After the ginko we assembled again in the teahouse at midday to eat a picnic lunch while contemplating the rocks and raked sand. We then wrote up and circulated some of our haiku or tanka for any helpful contributions of advice and comment.

From the comments of members present, I gather this was a very popular spot for our ginko on such a beautiful day. Himeji Gardens at a perfect moment.

after lunch
sharing the different flavours
of our haiku

Our next meeting will be held in the Box Factory on Sat 6 November at 10.30 am.

Lynette Arden