Kikakuza International Haibun Competition 2011

Entries to:
Ms. Motoko Yoshioka,
Regalia 907, 7-32-44 Fujimi-cho,
Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0013,
(to arrive between 1 Oct. 2010 and 31 Jan. 2011)

Entry fee and no. of entries per author:
the Contest is free this year!
maximum 3 entries per author.

Ideally, there will be one Grand Prix, a number of Za Prizes (Highly
Commended), and some Honourable Mentions, too. The authors of entries chosen
for the first two of these categories will receive prizes as well as
certificates from Kikakuza. In the spring, a bilingual bulletin will be
published in Japan (there is a Japanese Haibun Section, too), and the
results displayed both on the Kikakuza homepage and on the Hailstone Icebox.
You can read last year's top four pieces on that site now (click top right –
Kikakuza '10 Winning Haibun).

No more than 30 lines (max. 80 spaces each), with title and at least one
haiku, not necessarily phrased in three lines. Print on one side of A4, if
possible, with your name and address, tel. no., and email address typed
along the bottom. The judges will not get to know your identity until
judging is over and Kikakuza already knows the results. If English is not
your first language, please add the name of your first language in brackets
after your name.

Judges: Nobuyuki Yuasa & Stephen Henry Gill.