Haibun Today (September 2010) now online

The autumn quarterly issue of *Haibun Today* is
now online for your reading pleasure at

Contributors to the current issue include Dan Allawat, Roberta Beary,
Nathalie Boisard-Beudin, Marjorie A. Buettner, Glenn G. Coats, Tish Davis,
Cherie Hunter Day, Albert DeGenova, Phuoc-Tan Diep, Lynn Edge, Jeffrey
Harpeng, Maureen Scott Harris, Michele L. Harvey, Ed Higgins, Ruth Holzer,
Gerry Jacobson, Gary LeBel, Chen-ou Liu, Victor Maddalena, Francis Masat,
Robert Moyer, Ralph Murre, Eduardo N. del Valle, Stanley Pelter, Dru
Philippou, Patricia Prime, Ray Rasmussen, Mark Ritchie, Bruce Ross, Cynthia
Rowe, Adelaide B. Shaw, Mark Smith, Richard Straw, Linda Jeannette Ward,
Theresa Williams and Jeffrey Winke.

This issue also features an in-depth interview with Ruth Holzer by Patricia
Prime, an article on "The Ghost in Haibun" by Jeffrey Harpeng and book
reviews by Tish Davis, Dru Philippou and Mark Smith.

Writers are now invited to submit haibun, tanka prose and articles for
consideration in the December 2010 issue of *Haibun
Consult our Submission Guidelines at *Haibun
Forward any submissions by email to Jeffrey Woodward, Editor, at