BINDII MEETING 4 September 2010

Present: Marilyn Linn, Lyn Arden, Susan Kay, Alex Ask.
Apologies: Athena Zaknic, Dianne Hill, Pam Brow, Margaret Dingle (Fensom), Maeve Archibald, Dawn Colsey.
Meeting on a wild and windy day in Adelaide, we were glad of our sheltered place in the Box Factory.
We held a kukai, followed by discussion of some haiku that members wished to workshop and then looked at the renku form, including a renku currently being composed by three members of the group via email.
October Meeting: we decided to make this a ginko (haiku walk) at the Himeji Gardens in South Terrace. Meet at the Himeji Garden and bring lunch.
Lynette Arden 4 Sept 2010