Atlas Poetica - 25 Australian Tanka

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Thank you to Atlas Poetica's publisher and editor, M. Kei, for the invitation to participate and to Technical Director Alex von Vaupel for design and presentation.

The full press release from Atlas Poetica follows:

6 September 2010 — Perryville, Maryland, USA

*Atlas Poetica : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Contemporary Tanka*is
proud to announce '25 Australian Tanka Poets,' the fourth installment
of the ‘Special Features’ section of its website. Edited by Beverley George,
the well-known editor of *Eucalypt*, twenty-five Australian tanka poets each
wrote a new tanka representing the diverse landscapes of their country. By
bringing together poets from communities around the world, *Atlas Poetica's
*Special Features allows different tanka traditions to be appreciated
for themselves as well as offering the opportunity to compare and
contrast them with other traditions. The Special Features can be viewed for
free online at <>.

*Atlas Poetica* is an international tanka journal that publishes
tanka literature in many languages. However, it can be difficult for
readers and poets to find venues to enjoy tanka featuring different
languages and cultures. Therefore, *Atlas Poetica* has established the
Special Features section to focus on different aspects of the
international tanka community while leading up to a special edition of the
journal itself. ATPO 7 (Autumn, 2010) will feature tanka in translation
from around the world.

Designed by Alex von Vaupel, Technical Director for *Atlas
Poetica,*the website hosts information about the journal, submission
guidelines, ordering information and sample issues. Previous Special
Features have already appeared, including ‘25 Romanian Tanka Poets,' ’25
Canadian Tanka Poets in French and English,' and '25 New Zealand Tanka
Poets.' Two more special features are slated for presentation on an
irregular schedule, including ‘25 Tanka for Children’ edited by M. Kei, and
‘25 Tanka on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Themes,’ edited by
Alex von Vaupel. Both are expected in the autumn/winter of 2010.

Anyone interested in being a Guest Editor for a Special Feature at the *Atlas
Poetica* website will find guidelines on the Special Features home page
below the Atlas butterfly that is the symbol of the journal.
Anyone interested in being a Guest Editor should familiarize themselves
with the project by reading the Special Features section and also
sample issues of the journal archived on the site.

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