Ambrosia closes

Contributors have received notification that the sixth edition of Denis Garrison's journal of fine haiku, Ambrosia, will not go to press and their submissions have been returned to them. The journal is ceasing publication.

In the five editions that have been produced since September 2008, Ambrosia has included the work of the following Australian haiku writers - Judith Anne Ahmed, Dawn Bruce, Emma Dalloway, Marisa Fazio, Lorin Ford, Gina, M.L.Grace, Gregory Jennings, Jo McInerney, April Orr and Barbara A. Taylor.

In its premier edition, Denis Garrison declared his belief that fine haiku should be 'achingly beautiful, painfully poignant, joyfully lightsome, startling epiphanies, wry, humbling, or awesome ... should touch the reader powerfully.'

Previous editions can still be purchased, read or downloaded online. They are available at