NZPS Jeanette Stace Award

As announced by Nathalie Buckland on July 11 in the NSW news, Quendryth Young not only gained 1st and 3rd places in this contest, she also won the Jeanette Stace Award for Seniors. Quendryth feels particularly honoured by this Award and we thought it may be appropriate to acquaint those new to haiku with a brief note about this distinguished New Zealand poet's contribution to the genre. For further reading visit the NZPS web-site.

Jeanette Stace was involved with the New Zealand Poetry Society from the 1980s until the time of her death in 2006, holding office in many capacities, and has at times been called 'the heart and soul of the NZPS'. She was highly respected for her organisational energy and for her role as adviser in the haiku genre. Her own work was rewarded with acclaim in many spheres. But most of all she is remembered for her warmth, her humour and her compassion. Jeanette's influence on the writing of English-language haiku in New Zealand, and indeed internationally, is enormous. It is fitting that she be honoured with the awarding of prizes in her name by the New Zealand Poetry Society in its International Competition.