Haiku Events in WA

a moment please: haiku basics and ginko (haiku walk)

Sunday 29th August
4 pm to 6 pm
City Farm, East Perth

Join Maureen Sexton, Amanda Joy, members of the Mari Warabiny haiku group and others for an introduction to haiku followed by a ginko (haiku walk) and sharing of haiku. This is a free event.

For more information contact Maureen 0435 024 616 or email:

WA Poets Inc presents: paths made by water

a journey through haiga, haiku and butoh/taboo dance, followed by open readings (all forms of poetry). Music by The Book of Reel and Geordie Batey.

City Farm, 1 City Farm Place, East Perth
Sunday 5th September 2010
7 pm to 11 pm

Multi-media presentations of the contemporary haiga and haiku of Amanda Joy and Maureen Sexton.
Haiga and haiku on silk by artist, Annie Otness.
Haiku dovetailing by Amanda Joy and Maureen Sexton.
Butoh/Taboo dance by Roeli Joosten.
Music by the Book of Reel and Geordie Batey.
Haiku readings by the Mari Warabiny Haiku Group
Open Readings (all forms of poetry)

Hear for yourself the influence of Zen in Haiku, Haiga and Butoh.

“What is the relevance of Zen to Haiku? … Zen and haiku are about finding one’s way to what is known as haiku ‘spirit’. Zen was present at the very moment haiku came into being. Haiku was Zen in inspiration. … What is the relevance of Zen to haiku today, more than 350 years later? In one word it is discipline. The discipline of self. The discipline to quiet the chatter of our minds. The discipline to see things as they are, as they exist in this Eternal Now.” This is an excerpt of a much longer article by Jacqui Murray, April 2008 that can be found at - /Zen%20and%20haiku%20jacqui%20murray.pdf

Organisers: Maureen Sexton WA Rep (HaikuOz, The Australian Haiku Society, and Amanda Joy, in conjunction with WA Poets Inc

For more information contact Maureen on 0435 024 616 or email Gary:

Wednesday 1st September: Introduction to Haibun
Masterclass with Joanna Preston
10 am – 12 noon
Kaos Room
$15 / $10 WAPI members
$20 / $12 non-members
Downstairs at the Blue Room, 53 James Street, Perth Cultural Centre
To book, contact Gary:
For more information go to: