The Fringe Gallery & Performance Space presents: ALONGSIDE SILENCE

Sunday 25th July
7 pm to 10 pm
The Fringe Gallery
94 Bawdan Street Willagee
(opposite Webber Reserve)

A multimedia presentation of the contemporary haiga and haiku of Maureen Sexton and Amanda Joy.
Plus Butoh/Taboo dance performance by Roeli Joosten.

Open mike is open to all forms of poetry! But it’d be great to hear your haiku if you do!

“Haiku.. as dynamic in the manner of a single frame of thought.. the flash itself, immeasurable in any time whatever: no time manifesting in time. So the movement of the haiku could be said not to move but to be, totally movement. That movement which because it is not relative, is inseparable from stillness
~W.S. Merwin

Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that is succinct, minimal and imaginative. It often has a seasonal reference and a ‘cutting word’. In English haiku the ideas can be expressed with a short line, a long line and another short line.

Haiga, in simple terms, is a haiku poem and its image or painting.

Buton/Taboo performance contains the unexpected with no set style but always poignant. Butoh appeared first in Japan after the second world war and was viewed as revolutionary and controversial in its form.

For further details contact Terry Farrell 0412 911 562