A Haiku Celebration

Hosted by The Bodhi Tree Bookstore and Café as part of A Celebration of Writing.
Celebrate haiku and related forms at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore Café, on Sunday 1st August from 12 noon. You will be rewarded with: Haiku readings/performances, demonstrations of the deep and powerful connections in Haiga, the beauty of the combination of Haiku and silk art, and the hauntingly disciplined movements of Butoh dance. The winners of the Bodhi Tree Haiku Competition will be reading their winning works and there will be an open reading, so bring along yours or your favourite haiku to read.

Haiga – Maureen Sexton, Amanda Joy
Haiku – Amanda Joy, Maureen Sexton, Ross Bolleter, Rose Van Son
Butoh – Roeli Joosten
Haiku and Silk Art – Annie Otness

Hear for yourself the influence of Zen in Haiku, Haiga and Butoh.

“What is the relevance of Zen to Haiku? … Zen and haiku are about finding one’s way to what is known as haiku ‘spirit’. Zen was present at the very moment haiku came into being. Haiku was Zen in inspiration. … What is the relevance of Zen to haiku today, more than 350 years later? In one word is it is discipline. The discipline of self. The discipline to quiet the chatter of our minds. The discipline to see things are they are, as they exist in this Eternal Now.” This is an excerpt of a much longer article by Jacqui Murray, April 2008 that can be found at - /Zen%20and%20haiku%20jacqui%20murray.pdf

Organisers: Maureen Sexton (HaikuOz, The Australian Haiku Society, WA Rep, /) and Amanda Joy, in conjunction with The Bodhi Tree and WA Poets Inc
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Haiku Competition

Entries close 5pm Friday 23 July 2010.
Prizes: 1st Prize – Basho: The Complete Haiku
2nd Prize – Haiku Mind: 108 poems to cultivate awareness & open your heart
3rd Prize – The British Museum Haiku
Open to poets residing in the Perth metro area only.
For guidelines and entry form, go to:
Brought to you by The Bodhi Tree Bookstore Café and WA Poets Inc