A new haiku online journal:

Notes From the Gean: a journal of Japanese short forms

Gean: the wild cherry, Prunus avium. [French guigne]
Press Release and call for Submissions:

We are pleased to announce ‘Notes From the Gean’, a new journal specialising in Japanese short forms. The inaugural issue is due out on June 1st 2009. You can find us at

We welcome your submissions of up to 10 original haiku and/or senryu.

Submissions of up to 5 tanka

Haiga (modern or traditional) will be considered.

Renga, haibun, and sequences will not be considered at this time, although we do enjoy reading and writing these various forms and/or genre, here at Gean Tree Press.
All poems/artwork submitted to Notes From the Gean must be unpublished, either in print or electronically, and not under consideration elsewhere. Haiku that have been uploaded to sharing networks or blogs will be deemed as published and those that are work-shopped on closed forums will be considered as unpublished.

Submissions are open now and will close two weeks prior to publication

Haiku Editor : Lorin Ford, Australia
Tanka Editor : H. Gene Murtha, United States
Haiga Editor : Origa, United States
Photographic Consultant : Grum Robertson, United Kingdom
Managing Editor : Colin Stewart Jones, United Kingdom

We will do our utmost to ensure a speedy response to all submissions.

We, the Editors at Gean Tree Press, seek to encourage excellence, experimentation and education within the haiku community. We believe this is best accomplished by example and not imitation. Our aim is for originality above all else. We therefore solicit your finest examples of Japanese short form poetry and hope to “hear” your voices speak.