WHAT IS HAIKU? - Week 14

Laryalee Fraser (British Columbia, Canada)
‘A good haiku instills a moment with new awareness which surprises and satisfies the reader.’

Gina (Invermay, Tas)
(1) the moment – begging to be a haiku – excites my senses
(2) a stack of pages looking for a fragment – coffee-stained phrases

Barbara A Taylor (Mountain Top, NSW)
half a blink away
an instance of awareness
in the moment
keen and

Claire Holloway (Sydney, NSW)
Harmony bookmarked… Earth, Heaven and Humankind – In divine synch.

Angelee Deodhar (India)
“ A haiku is a three lined (short, long, short) poem of Japanese origin which expresses simply the essence of an emotion keenly felt at a particular moment in time. It may or may not have a seasonal reference.”

The response to this exercise has been wonderful but it is time to wind it up – no more submissions, please. I will later attempt a collage to summarise what we have shared. John Bird, for the AHS Definitions Project.