Tributes to William J Higginson

If you would care to add your tribute please send one haiku per poet to Graham Nunn by October 27, 2008.
Please be prepared to wait a few days for collation and posting. The poems you contribute will then be sent on to Bill Higginson's family. With regard to sharing your poem with other sites which are paying tribute to Bill, we believe tributes stand outside normal submission rules but poets should acknowledge prior postings.

cliff top –
the tallest pine tree
bends to wind

Janice M. Bostok (Australia)

out of darkness
a flash of lightning
into darkness

Kirsty Karkow (USA)

opening his book . . .
the world he offered
tumbles out

Beverley George (Australia)

Haiku World
from East to West
a bow to his spirit

Maria Steyn (South Africa)

billowing light . . .
the dried ink-stone
filled with stars

Ron Moss (Australia)

I pass as all things do
dew on the grass

mame de iyo
mi wa narawashi no
kusa no tsuyu

Banzan (Japan)
this poem by Banzan who died in 1730 was contributed by Dawn Bruce (Australia)

still hearing
his voice
in his poems

Dorothy McLaughlin (USA)

fades into the night
trailing brilliance

Cynthia Rowe (Australia)

night of stars -
a passing breeze
caresses my hair

Angelee Deodhar (India)

flying into fog—
the white swan’s sound
left behind

Carole MacRury (USA)

haiku friend
a lifetime celebration
of the moment

Jean Rasey (Australia)

When I showed him my small book “Cosmos”, Bill san asked me “ Do you know the two meanings of cosmos ? I grew up in a house near a cosmos field”.
So I have chosen the season word cosmos to honour this calm, kind ,man.

news of his passing –
cosmos droops
in morning rain

Minako Noma (Japan)

morning coolness
on the autumn grass
a dragonfly's wing

Origa (USA)

dust on the taro leaves
scent of rain

Sharon Dean