Tribute to WJ Higginson continued

temple elephant—
a mahout rides into
the gathering mist

kala ramesh ( India)

between my fingers...
I trace his name

Jo McInerney (Australia)

the master passing on his worn inkstone

Nora Wood

morning frost
the long winter
comes early

Adelaide B. Shaw (USA)

Old Frog
leaps into
s i l e n c e

Ed Baker

pepper tree -
wild flowers where I lay
my friend to rest

Graham Nunn (Secretary, Haiku Oz)

the mountain pine –
holding the light,
held by it

Lorin Ford (Australia)

[original haiku:

Holding the water,
held by it –
the dark mud

William J. Higginson, p168 ‘The Haiku Handbook’]

all seasons
with your haikus
shimmering in us

Claire Gardien (France)

a tattered moth
flutters in the breeze...
closing his book

Allison Millcock (South Australia)

a new entry
in the autumn saijiki:
Bill's Day

Larry Bole

bird on a high wire
singing his song
so long, so long

Andrew Burke

Bill Higginson gone
a giant has made his final leap
tears in the pond

Gerald England

descending fog
slowly the mountain

John W. Sexton (Ireland)

monarch butterfly
in the glaring sun

Greg Schwartz

a new note
was added
to my song

miriam chaikin

grief becomes
star becomes
galaxy becomes
an angle of light

Marilyn Hazelton

dark autumn sky
without moonlight
is the puddle


a pencil
white sheet of paper
remains blank

Dusko Matas (Croatia)

good bye buddy ...
midnight dew is
on the grass

Sunil Uniyal (New Delhi, India)

cold dawn
the ferryman calls
through the mist

Jared Carter (USA)

harvest moon
a water boatman

sheila windsor (u.k.)

A white crane
carrying his clear soul
to the other world

Vasile Moldovan

bleu roi
a thousand flying foxes
quarter moon

Alan Summers

almost dusk
leaves stirred by the wingbeat
of a departing crane

Ferris Gilli

another bright star
from our Earth
ascended to Heaven

Vladimir Devidé (Croatia)

the world seen
from a giant's shoulders
river of stars

Karen Cesar (USA)

milkweed seed—
so much larger than its pod
floats higher

- for Bill

Denis M. Garrison (USA)

into the sky
a single bird soars
and vanishes

Merrill Ann Gonzales (United States)

life has changed
not ended...
night of falling stars

Pamela A. Babusci (USA)

with santōka now -
"tree leaves fall
walking on and on"

Richard Straw (USA)

for all seasons

Bill Kenney

on West Mountain
among white clouds
and sugar maples

Howard Lee Kilby (USA)

enough to choke on
seventeen syllables stuck
in the poet's throat

Henry Brann

with you
in the garden
a flower I can't name

Francine Banwarth (USA)

a haiku candle
sputters, and is gone ---
now, that light is in the stars

Carolanne Reynolds (Canada)

lost and alone
his books my Northern Star
- journey goes on

Philip Ashton (UK)

heavy fog--
the mountain still back there
out of sight

Paul O. Williams

poet's funeral
the rhythm of wind
in a moment of silence

ed markowski

walking alone
the filtered sounds
of the hototogisu

Raffael de Gruttola (Boston Haiku Society)

the bird's flight turns
a dry leaf

Ion Codrescu (Romania)

For years and years
in the pocket of jacket
the same heart

Victoria Milescu (Romania)

What fear in these leaves
still remained on the branch -
light of autumn wind

Clelia Ifrim (Romania)

silence ...
and my body becomes
a blossoming cherry

Dubravko Korbus (Croatia)

fragrance spent
he's gone beyond our ken...
his words remain

Narda Mahanga