Tribute to W J Higginson– thank you

Submissions of tributes to W J Higginson have now closed. They are a fine set of poems and thank you to every one who paid respect to someone who made such a remarkable contribution to haiku in English.

Penny Harter is deeply appreciative of the tribute to her late husband.

She wrote:

'I am moved to tears by these. They are beautiful. I'm struggling to accept Bill's loss, deeply grieving but trying to move on. Family and friends are helping. I'm getting his materials organized for contribution to Columbia University Rare Books and Ms. Library. Big job.

I look forward to receiving the eventual collation of these tribute haiku.

Bless you and all who contribute,


Thank you to Graham Nunn, Australian Haiku Society secretary, for posting the tributes. Now Ron Moss is designing a graphic to accompany a print copy of your collected haiku. This will be sent to Penny Harter to share with other members of Bill Higginson's family.

Regards, and again thank you to all who took part,
Beverley George
President Australian Haiku Society