More tributes to W.J. Higginson

blue skies
my kite string

John Bird (Australia)

like Autumn steam
the soul of the great poet
mounts to the sky

Laura Vaceanu, President of Costantza Haiku Society, Romania

the word came west
carrying with it the scent
of sagebrush and pine

Karma Tenzing Wangchuk (USA)

a falling leaf
with a last haiku-
on the sky missing a star

Ana Ruse (Costantza, Romania)

renku home-
sabaki's eyes between
the stars
Dana-Maria Onica (Romania)

Autumn dusk -
continuing to fold
paper cranes
Eduard Tara (Romania)

into the clouds
an eagle soars
winging free

 Mary Mageau (Australia)

gathering acorns
under the tallest oak
autumn wind

Lynette Arden (Australia)

A birch leaf
although it has fallen
   still dancing in my mind.

Enes Kisevic (Croatia)

a plum covering
its shadow with
the white petals

Bozena Zernec (Croatia)

falling petals
the wind is cradling
cherry past blooming

Stjepan Rozic (Croatia)

Wave to me,
I'll wave back to you.
The river murmurs anyway.

Marinko Kovacevic (Croatia)

heavy fog--
       the mountain still back there
       out of sight

Paul O. Williams

one dream becomes another butterfly

Peggy Lyles (USA)

soft rain -
poking holes
for new seeds

rob scott (Australia)

fresh mown grass
wind passes unseen
through our garden

Jacqui Murray (Australia)

a trail
where a star fell
     still glows

brett brady

fall morning path
the sounds from the rain

martin cohen (Egg Harbor, USA)

saplings bow...
where the redwood was
autumn leaves

Bett Angel-Stawarz

it left with the leaves:
the breath
that made them dance
John McDonald

dreary day...
the clothesline sags
with swallows
H. Gene Murtha

heart full of woe
through the bare boughs
autumn's whisper

Marija Andjela Pogorilic (Croatia)

dust upon a track
of the shade
a nameless day

Malvina Mileta (Croatia)

master of haiku
timeless passage a tribute
learn from, relate to

Phil Allen (USA)

missing him:
            where his shadow fell...
                            autumn light     

hortensia anderson (USA)

church bell
the slow ascent
of a sandhill crane

don miller (USA)

The flower`s fragrance
angels cast to deep heavens,
where are thou my soul?

Ecaterina Neagoe (Bucharest, Romania)

across continents,
the weight of the song

Katherine Gallagher

Indian summer . . .
     the tenderness
           of light

Marjorie Buettner

good bye shore!
ship is disappearing
in the first autumn rain

Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

weeping cherry –
on the haiku pathway
his words carved in stone

Patricia Prime (New Zealand)

the poem
in an unopened e-mail
autumn rain

Deborah P Kolodji (Temple City, California)