Members Publication - Haiga Moments: Pens & Lens

Announcing the release of Haiga Moments: Pens & Lens, a delightful little volume of photographically illustrated Haiku/Senryu poetry, by photographer Raymond Belcourt and Haiku poet Dr. Ignatius Fay.

The authors’ styles are rooted in a visceral understanding and appreciation of the world around us at its most elemental, most unadorned. Their work reveals deep-rooted fascination with nature and a need to express their observations through their particular art forms. The result is more than a simple linking of photograph to verse. At times poignant, pointed, irreverent, even humorous, these Haiga are always engaging, thoughtprovoking.

Little snippets of observation, these verses provoke deeper levels of emotion and contemplation than suggested by
their brevity and simplicity of structure. Both authors hail from Northern Ontario, Canada, where Ignatius still resides. Ray has been a resident of Alberta, Canada, for more than twenty years. Haiga Moments: Pens & Lens will appeal to most lovers of this Japanese art form.

60 pages, $12 Can., plus $3 shipping & handling—cheque/
money order payable to Pens & Lens.
For further information and ordering, contact: Pens & Lens,
P.O. Box 1182, Nisku, Alberta, Canada T9E 8A8.