10 days in August Exhibition

Step right up folks and recapture your favourite Ekka memories at Museum of Brisbane's (MoB’s) exciting new exhibition. Uncover the rich history and grand traditions of this iconic annual event.

While the Ekka for many Queenslanders is a great day out in August, it also represents an enormous effort by many thousands of people. This MoB exhibition goes behind the scenes to find out what it takes to deliver these 10 days in August, from the past to the present. Local poet, Graham Nunn, who was poet-in-residence at the 2007 Ekka, has ten haiku featured in large vinyl letters throughout the exhibition, providing a unique perspective on his Ekka experience.

Visitors can also discover some of the unique personalities that give the Ekka it’s special atmosphere, delve into vintage showbags, and find out the stories behind memorable moments like the Grand Parade and old favourites such as strawberry sundaes and dagwood dogs - all of those things that make the Ekka, the Ekka!

10 Days in August: Memories of the Ekka
Until Sun. 16 November 2008
10am - 5pm daily.
Entry is FREE.
Museum of Brisbane, ground floor of Brisbane City Hall,
King George Square (between Ann and Adelaide Streets), Brisbane.