The Whole Body Singing - Produced by Dragonwick. 90 pages.
Available from the author: 5 Cedar Court, Alstonville, NSW, 2477. $15 plus $2 P&P.;

These are haiku of celebration and honest recording in which elements of the diverse environment of coastal, northern New South Wales are given their full due. Respect for the genre’s tradition is evident in these honed observations but their ambience is local and their time is now. The Whole Body Singing makes a valid contribution to the development of English-language haiku written in the southern hemisphere.

Beverley George
President: Australian Haiku Society

Quendryth Young has found her place and voice in the world of English Language Haiku quite quickly. Her poems, while giving the reader a sense of place, also remind us of the universal human experience and spirit. The Whole Body Singing (which comes from the poem ‘grey butcher bird/the whole body/singing’) could not describe her work any better. Her poems are delightful! It is interesting to know that this beautiful work is written by a scientifically educated person. This proves to me that the scientific mind and nature can be comfortably in sync, the aim of haiku.

Janice M. Bostok
Patron of The Australian Haiku Society