Poetry on Brisbane's City Cat Ferries

Queensland Poetry Festival: spoken in one strange word, has recently secured funding from Brisbane City Council to develop a virtual poetry anthology that will screen on Brisbane's City Cat fleet. The project is a partnership between Brisbane City Council, 4UTV and Queensland Poetry Festival.

24 poets will be invited to submit a poem for this 6-month project, beginning Monday July 9. Each selected poem will form part of the Poem of the Week virtual anthology and will be developed into a 30 second program by 4UTV that will screen once every thirty minutes on the digital screen in each of the 10 City Cats. This will total 2000 viewings for each poem, to an estimated audience of 120 000 City Cat passengers each week.

Some of the poets to be invited are:

Nathan Shepherdson
Jaya Savige
Julie Beveridge
the winners of the 2007 Poetry UnEARTHED Project

Holly Buschman
Tessa Leon &
Robin Archbold

+ Haiku Oz members

Janice M. Bostok
Sharon Trevelyan Dean
Graham Nunn &
Ynes Sanz

The idea was developed by Ynes Sanz after one of many rides in to a QLD Poetry Festival committee meeting watching the advertising on the screens, and thinking, wouldn't it be great to have poetry on these screens. 6-weeks later the project was screening live.